Top 10 Best Crutches Reviews

Crutches are the best things to have when you find difficulties in walking. Accidents happen, and if you ever need to walk by yourself when the foot is in the cast, you need crutches. In case you are looking for the best crutches to help you walk, we have 10 of them in the list today. These are the durable an high quality crutches that comes with quality and good price. You wouldn’t want to use any of these again, so the one with high price shouldn’t be necessary. Check out some great crutches in our list below, one of them might catch your attention.

1. Axillary Crutches by Cardinal Health

Using crutches can be uncomfortable, which is why these crutches are made. The crutches here are made from thermoplatic rubber along with synthetic blend to make it softer and last longer. They also resist to peeling as well which you keeps you comfort as you walk till you heal. These crutches are ideal for adult, and its size is adjustable from 62 to 70 inches.


2. Hands Free Crutch by iWalk

This is one unique crutch that allows you to walk hands free with both style and comfort. As long as your injury is below the knee, you can walk with this crutch without needing help from your hands at all. It delivers independence which you can walk and grab a cup of coffee while taking your dog for a walk with ease. The crutch is safe, stable, and absolutely comfortable to use.


3. Lightweight Adjustable Crutch by Hugo Mobility

You might have seen wooden crutch before, but this one is more comfortable and lightweight to use. The construction of anodized aluminum makes this crutch lighter and easier to use compare to most crutches. It can accommodate users from height of 5’2” up to 5’10” with easy adjustment with a button. This crutch can support weight up to 300 lbs while its weight is only 4 lbs.


4. Aluminum Forearm Crutches by Medline

These crutches come with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide totally silent usage. The whole crutches are vinyl coated and tapered to deliver quality and durability even not in use. It can supports users with weight up to 250 lbs along with height up to 5’10 and 6’6”. The crutches are sleek and lightweight, and it is absolutely comfortable to use.


5. Aluminum Crutch With Underarm Pad by Drive Medical

Comes with comfortable underarm pad, this crutch is more comfortable to walk with. The pad does not only come with underarm but also on hand grip as well for extra comfort. More than this, it has double extruded center tube that provides additional strength to weight bearing areas. This crutch also has easy wing nut adjustments that allows for hand grips with push-pin adjustments to adjust height as well. It is lightweight and it works super great with users up to 5’4” in height.


6. Adjustable Crutches by DMI

Here we have a pair of awesome crutches that comes with everything you need to get up and move. The crutches feature comfortable pads, hand grips, and durable slip resistant tips for convenient use. The cool thing about it is it has push button that you can easily adjust to match your height within seconds. It is light and durable, and it supports up to 250 pounds in weight.


7. Ultra Crutches by Mobi

These are the ultra crutches that offer ergonomic hand grips that contour to your hand for extra comfort. That will ease the pressure that you put on the palm and wrist even you walk in a far distance. The height and arm length of the crutches are fully adjustable which fit most users from 4’9” to 6’4” in height. The legs of the crutches are offset to provide hip clearance and prevent from tripping. They work great, and they support users with weight up to 300 lbs.


8. Adjustable Crutches by Better Walk

Here we have a pair of crutches that are guaranteed not to hurt you armpits no matter how long you walk. These crutches do not only support your stability but also ease your elbow as well. They are easy to adjust, and they support users from 5’5” to 6’4” in height, and 300 lbs in weight. With them, you will find it easy and comfortable to walk which is totally awesome.


9. Aluminum Crutches by Wes Care Supply, Inc.

This is another pair of crutches for adults that are made to provide ease and comfortable. The crutches are lightweight and easy to use since they are adjustable and durable. They feature non-slip rubber tips along with durable and comfortable underarm pad and hand grip for superior comfort. These crutches are great for most adults, and they support weight up to 250 lbs.


10. Endurance Aluminum Crutches by Essential Medical Supply

Made from lightweight and anodized aluminum, these crutches are super lightweight and comfortable to use. The unique thing about them is the silencing collar that improves stress tolerance at all angles as you walk. They also come with gray soft pads that make the crutches more comfortable and durable to use. The height is easy to adjust with a simple push on the button, and they stay fit where you put them.


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