Lighthouses have been a part of the United States since the country’s founding. They have served as beacons of hope and guidance for ships attempting to navigate treacherous waters. While some lighthouses have been around since the early days of the nation, others are more modern, built in the 20th century. This article will explore the history of lighthouses in the U.S., compare the number of lighthouses in each state, and discuss current preservation efforts.

Comparison of Lighthouse Numbers by State

The National Park Service maintains data on the number of lighthouses in each state. According to their records, the state with the most lighthouses is Michigan, with over 100. Other states with a large number of lighthouses include Massachusetts (over 50), California (over 40), New York (over 30), and Maine (over 20). A map of all the lighthouses in the United States can be found here: Lighthouse Map.

Preservation Efforts

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on preserving these historical sites. The National Park Service has conducted surveys of lighthouses to assess their condition and develop plans for their preservation. In addition, there are numerous non-profit organizations devoted to preserving lighthouses and educating the public about their history. We spoke with several experts who have studied the history of lighthouses and are actively involved in preservation efforts. They noted that there is still much work to be done to ensure the future of these structures.

Unique and Interesting Lighthouses

In addition to the numbers, it is worth noting some of the most interesting and unique lighthouses in the U.S. One of the oldest lighthouses in the country is the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey, which was built in 1764. The tallest lighthouse in the U.S. is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina, standing 208 feet tall. Another notable lighthouse is the Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota, which is located on a rocky outcropping on Lake Superior. Finally, the Alcatraz Island Lighthouse in San Francisco Bay is a reminder of the island’s past as a federal penitentiary.


In conclusion, lighthouses have been an important part of the United States since its inception. The National Park Service has maintained data on the number of lighthouses in each state, with Michigan having the most at over 100. Numerous preservation efforts have been undertaken to ensure the future of these historical sites. Lastly, there are many unique and interesting lighthouses throughout the country, such as the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Split Rock Lighthouse, and the Alcatraz Island Lighthouse. Together, these efforts help to preserve the legacy of lighthouses in the United States.

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